Blosxom and meta-dates

In last night’s incoherent post, I mentioned that the “meta-creation_date” information wasn’t being stripped out of my posts. My workaround was to:

  1. put the meta-creation_date into each of the posts that had had their creation dates trashed during the move from one server to another;

  2. access the site to get the entries_cache plugin to update its state file; and

  3. go back to the posts and strip out the meta-date lines.

I needed to do Step 3 because the meta-creation_date line kept showing up in the rendered posts after Step 2, despite my setting the flag in entries_cache that was supposed to strip them. This morning, with my head a bit clearer, I realized that the Markdown plugin had been been transforming the post before entries_cache could get to it. Renaming to 01entries_cache fixed the problem.

So now I’m going to put the meta-creation_date line in all my posts, which will allow them to be moved from server to server, or from directory to diectory, without losing their posting date.