Sky High

My local paper gave “Sky High” just one and a half stars, saying that it was a poor conglomeration of “Spy Kids,” “The Incredibles,” and any of the “Harry Potter” movies. Well, everyone is entitled to his opinion, so I won’t quibble with his rating (except to say that he’s full of shit: it’s a very fun movie), but the resemblance to those three movies is superficial at best. What “Sky High” is most like is a John Hughes movie. And the likeness is clearly deliberate. Apart from the obvious high school setting and in-crowd vs. outcasts theme, every song in the movies is from the 80s, and the female lead is a delicate-looking redhead cast from the Molly Ringwald mold.

I was pretty proud of myself for making this connection, but then I did a Google search on the phrases “sky high” and “john hughes.” 5460 hits. Guess my insight isn’t so rare.