Blog notes

I’m taking an “advanced” C++ course for continuing education credit this semester at a local community college. Tonight was the first class and I was somewhat surprised to find the instructor starting his review with classes, interfaces, implementations, and constructors rather than lower-level things like types, branching, and looping. Maybe it really will be advanced.

I’ve decided to write up my notes in Markdown and keep them in a blosxom blog running on my laptop. I don’t know if this is common among “the kids today,” but the day-by-day format of a blog seems a natural fit to class notes. I did tonight’s notes by hand, the same way I took notes 25 years ago, and will have to be typed up to put in the blog. But I want to type the notes for the rest of the class directly into my laptop as class goes on.

Markdown seems a natural for this (as it does for so many things) because I expect most of the notes to be code snippets, and Markdown has an easy way to create <pre><code> blocks: simply indent the code by 4 spaces. Because any decent editor will maintain that indentation from line to line until the writer backs out to the left edge again, entering code as the instructor puts it up on the board should be a snap.