World Service

A while ago, I mentioned a series of radio shows on John Lennon that the BBC was running at the time. The BBC Radio streams itself live and makes its program streams available for at least a week after they run. The streams are in Real format, so they can be listened to on Mac, Linux or Windows.

My habit is to capture the streams with Audio Hijack and move them over to my iPod for listening in the car or while biking or walking. Last summer I listened to a history series, This Sceptred Isle: Empire, while biking to and from work. The series went on hiatus in November after 30 episodes (there are going to be 90 in all!) and has come back this week. I have Audio Hijack set up to record the show as it is streamed live, then I convert it from AIFF to MP3 and import it into my iTunes library. I think I’ll upgrade to Audio Hijack Pro to automate the conversion and import.

While poking around on Radio 4’s site, I found three series by Simon Singh, who wrote, among other things, a nice popular history of cryptography. The series are Five Numbers, Another Five Numbers, and A Further Five Numbers. For some reason, the BBC has kept these streams available long after the shows’ first run. And there’s another series, Five Shapes, not done by Singh, that has a similar mathematical theme.