Blog update

OK, just changed the site from Blosxom to Movable Type. The archives and permalinks are done differently, so internal and external links to particular posts will all be hosed until I work out the redirects.

Still on the same host. Yahoo! is apparently having some problems with MT, so I’m not sure where I want to go. Or even if I want to switch hosts. Reconfigurations and rebuilds can be maddenly slow, partly the fault of the host and partly the fault of MT. Still, after I get the site the way I want I shouldn’t be rebuilding very often. Visits to the site itself (as opposed to the publishing interface) are smoother and faster than in the Blosxom days.

I’ve separated the Mechanics section into its own blog, something that was essentially impossible under Blosxom.

One thing I’m pretty happy with: despite my relative unfamiliarity with MT, I was able to fiddle with the stylesheet to get the content and sidebar widths to grow and shrink with increases and decreases in the default font size. Why MT’s default styles have fixed widths is a mystery to me.