The first thing we do...

In the business section of today’s Chicago Tribune, there’s an article about some bankruptcy attorney from Kirkland & Ellis. The photo that accompanies the article shows him in his office next to a gigantic portrait of John Wayne. The lawyer’s pose is sort of a mirror of Duke’s (I feel certain he calls Wayne “Duke” when he talks to the portrait). His hands are on his hips, his gut is sucked in, and he has that “women want him, men want to be him” look that can only come from spending 12 hours a day on the telephone.

He credits his great success to his bartending and wrestling experience, but it’s clear that he only tended bar for a while during college and hasn’t wrestled since high school. Of course, he did go to high school at New Trier, well known in Chicagoland as the training ground for the city’s baddest-assed arbitragers and urologists.

The article is here, but unfortunately the picture isn’t part of the online story. Your loss.