NetNewsWire tryout

In my continuing attempt to see what all the fuss is about with various “standard” Mac shareware programs—my last was the aborted attempt at using ecto—I downloaded the trial version of NetNewsWire today and did a quick import of my Bloglines subscriptions. My first impression is favorable: moving from item to item and feed to feed is smooth, and the built-in browser has been just fine at displaying the links I’ve followed. Still not sure how to move from tab to tab, though.

An awful lot of my browsing nowadays is just glancing at feeds and deciding whether to follow up. So even though Safari does feeds directly, and Bloglines offers a decent, Web 2.0-style, interface, a dedicated reader that takes full advantage of the Mac user interface may be worth the $25 price. I’ll give NetNewsWire a couple of weeks and see if I can imagine living without it.