What good is ecto?

I know that at least one of the BoingBoing crew uses it. And lots of people have good things to say about it. But when you write your posts in Markdown, does ecto really have any advantages over just writing your post in a text editor and pasting it into Movable Type’s “New Entry” field? I downloaded the ecto trial today and will be giving it a spin for a couple of weeks.

This is my first ecto-handled post. I’m writing it in a TextMate window, which popped open when I chose ecto’s Edit:Edit With:TextMate command. The temporary file that is used to communicate between the two programs has an “.html” extension, which is no doubt why TM started out in HTML mode instead of Markdown. There’s probably a way to change that, and I’ll look into it when this post is done.

Another post about blogging. How tiresome!