Taking stock

We’ve had a few straight days of warm weather, so I decided to ride my bike into work today for the first time this year. Because it’s Good Friday and I didn’t plan on working a full day, the hour and a half of riding takes up a pretty high percentage of the time away from home. That, combined with my tendency to want to start a new “program” at the beginning of a week, nearly led me to drive in instead. But…

So, back on my bike and back to looking more carefully at how much is on my plate before I eat it. I’m also going back to weighing myself in the evening as well as in the morning. Although the second weighing seems a bit obsessive, it does help keep my away from snacks at night. Frequent monitoring of progress (or regress) helps me stay on or near the right path.

Looking at that post from the beginning of the year reminded me that I hadn’t checked recently to see if I was keeping up with my goal of 3 posts per week. Yesterday I checked with this blog’s Movable Type administration pages and found that I’m 5-6 posts behind my goal.* While it’s true that the mechanics blog more than makes up for this deficit, that’s something of a cheat: I wanted this year to end with about 150 posts in this blog. Another reason to peddle faster.

* How many weeks into the year are we? Go to the Calendrica applet (with Java enabled) and check the ISO date to find that we’re in Week 15. It’s also Day 104 of this year. Check the Julian calendar to see that it would be April Fool’s day if it weren’t for the Gregorian calendar reformation. Calendrica is the work of Edward Reingold and Nachum Dershowitz who wrote the wonderful book, Calendrical Calculations and the calendar mode for Emacs.