Friday Random Ten for your almost-end-of-July

  1. “Is That You Mo-Dean?” by The B-52’s
    from Time Capsule (Songs For a Future Generation)
  2. “Phil And John 2” by John Lennon
    from Anthology
  3. “A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues” by The Beatles
    from Live At The BBC (Disc 1)
  4. “Hit The Road Jack” by Ray Charles
    from His Greatest Hits Vol. 2
  5. “Deep Feeling” by Chuck Berry
    from Blues Masters, Vol. 15: Slide Guitar Classics
  6. “Amor, Amor” by Gipsy Kings
    from Gipsy Kings
  7. “Stranger In The House” by Elvis Costello
    from My Aim Is True
  8. “Hey Ya!” by Outkast
    from The Love Below
  9. “Tired Of Waiting For You” by The Kinks
    from The British Invasion : The History of British Rock Vol.3
  10. “English Civil War” by The Clash
    from The Essential Clash [Disc 1]

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