Random Ten for Your Fourth of July Weekend

  1. “It’s Too Funky In Here” by James Brown
    from Star Time
  2. “Let It Loose” by The Rolling Stones
    from Exile On Main Street
  3. “Scar Tissue” by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    from Greatest Hits
  4. “Johnny B. Goode” by The Beatles
    from Live At The BBC (Disc 1)
  5. “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler
    from Like, Omigod! The 80s Pop Culture Box (Totally)
  6. “Get Back” by The Beatles
    from Anthology 3 (Disc 2)
  7. “Football Fugue” by Pete Townshend
    from Scooped (Disc 2)
  8. “The Beautiful Ones” by Prince And The Revolution
    from Purple Rain
  9. “Two Of Us” by The Beatles
    from Anthology 3 (Disc 2)
  10. “Sweet Home Chicago” by Magic Sam
    from West Side Soul

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