Another Iraq milestone: 2700

According to, the number of US military fatalities in the Iraq war has just hit 2700. Since this isn’t what most people think of as a round number, it probably won’t get any attention in the press. Maybe they’ll take notice in spring when, barring some improvement in the situation, the number of deaths will reach 3000. Now there’s a number a reporter can sink his teeth into.

(Actually, there have been improvements, at least with respect to Americans. This year’s death count will probably be around 700, definitely down from the 850 of the past two years. And the number of wounded has also declined. Of course, these declines have come at the same time Iraqi deaths have skyrocketed. So while we can be thankful that our men and women are somewhat safer, Iraq itself is not safer.)

I’ve just noticed the number of American wounded is almost 20,000. Isn’t there a story in that?