Here I come to save the daaay!

Yesterday, I had a recurrence of the “can’t scroll down” problem on my wired Mighty Mouse at work. I solved it in the recommended way: mashing down on the scroll ball and rolling it around to free it of whatever debris may be causing the problem. I don’t mind doing a little maintenance, but I’m a bit worried about where the debris is going when I do this.

More bothersome, my wireless Mighty Mouse stopped registering right clicks today. It’s been picky about right clicks for a few days—my middle finger had to be in just the right spot or the mouse took it as a regular left click—but today it wouldn’t accept a right click no matter where I pushed. For no particularly good reason, I turned off the mouse, then popped out one of its batteries and put it back in. The right clicks came back and there’s no more fussiness about where I push; pretty much anywhere to the right of the scroll ball works.

I don’t know if there’s a moral to this story, but I’m beginning to long for the dull reliability of my old Logitech mice.