Dylan on the BBC

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating. Bob Dylan fans who aren’t XM Satellite Radio subscribers may want to listen to rebroadcasts of Dylan’s Theme Time Radio show on BBC Radio 2.

The rebroadcasts start Saturday, Dec 23 at 19:00 UTC. The Radio 2 page about the show is here and it gives a link to the schedule. It looks like they’ll be doing seven shows over the course of this next week (two on Sunday). BBC Radio 6 will also be rebroadcasting the shows starting on Jan 1.

The BBC streams its content live over the internet, so unless XM has put a restriction on these shows, you won’t have to be in England to hear them. And the BBC usually makes show archives available for a week or so after broadcast.

Update (Dec 24): Never mind. Now that there are actual show links to click on, I see that the stream is restricted to the UK. It’s not surprising that the XM people would insist on this, but I had my hopes.