Building blocks of the universe

I’m pretty sure I found the link to this page at the Make blog. In any event, the page shows an advertisement with the periodic table of elements done in Legos.

Seems like a brilliant ad to me, but most of the comments on the page are disparaging the ad as too obscure. “I don’t get it,” and “What is this?” is the common theme. Even the people who understand the ad and like it are half apologizing for being “science geeks.” Are we in such a sorry state that recognizing an iconic image like the periodic table, something hanging (I hope) in every school in the country, is considered specialized knowledge? Maybe it’s the advertising people that visit the site that are the oddballs, people with a specialized ignorance that the rest of us lack.

(One of the comments on the site calls it the “periodical table,” which conjures up an image of a grid of magazine covers.)