Random ten for April 27

  1. “Get It Together” by James Brown
    from Star Time
  2. “Mother-In-Law Blues” by Johnny Winter
    from The Best Of Johnny Winter
  3. “Julie With …” by Brian Eno
    from Before And After Science
  4. “Please, Please, Please” by James Brown
    from Live At The Apollo
  5. “Love/Hate” by Liz Phair
    from Liz Phair
  6. “Like A Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan
    from Highway 61 Revisited
  7. “That’s All Right” by Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup
    from The Blues - A Smithsonian Collection of Classic Blues
  8. “And I Love Her” by The Beatles
    from A Hard Day’s Night
  9. “Love Shack” by The B-52’s
    from Time Capsule (Songs For a Future Generation)
  10. “Let Yourself Go” by James Brown
    from Star Time

Good God! the list is kind of heavy on the Godfather of Soul this week.As always, this semi-automated post is brought to you by this script.