An Emily Post

Today I learned that a seller on eBay-UK was using an image from this post of mine to sell a set of Motorola Bluetooth headsets. The seller, who seems to be one of these professional eBayers, didn’t copy the image and link to the copy. No, he linked to the image on my server, so every time someone views his page, some of my monthly bandwidth is eaten up. Not proper netiquette.

I don’t have any proprietary claims on the image itself—as I said in the post, I clipped it from a publicly-available Motorola document—it’s the use of my server that I object to. And if it were some small, noncommercial blog or Facebook page I wouldn’t care that much. But here’s a person using my bandwidth and server space to make money.

So I changed the name of the headset image and changed the image tag in my post to reflect the new name. Then I uploaded this image and gave it the old name:

Childish, I suppose, but at least I didn’t use goatse or tubgirl.