Ugliest campuses

You’ve probably seen this article about the country’s 20 ugliest campuses. Number 9 is the Illinois Institute of Technology, which is in a less-than-picturesque location and whose buildings were not aging well the last time I was there. Still, ninth ugliest in the country? It’s not even the ugliest in Chicago. UIC—a forest of textured concrete that resembles the circular expressway interchange it used to be named after—holds that title.

But then I saw this line in the description of IIT:

They need to get better architects at these schools.

As David St. Hubbins said, there’s a fine line between stupid and clever. With so much idiocy on the internet, I’m finding it difficult to tell when someone is being clever by feigning stupidity. The old “he must be kidding, no one could be that dumb” rule has failed me so many times, but I’m going to invoke it here anyway. The IIT entry was the only one to make a specific remark about the school’s architect, so the writer must have known who he was insulting.

Taken that way, it’s a pretty funny line, even though it’s been done better.