Going into radio silence

Posts have been scarce for the past couple of weeks because of travel and work, and they’ll be scarce for another week or so as I get ready to move the blog to another host and switch from Movable Type to WordPress. The blog will still be at leancrew.com/all-this.

In anticipation of the change, I’ve been testing a WordPress version of the blog on my iBook and have managed to:

Because of the different ways MT and WP handle permalinks, permalinks from other sites and RSS feed links will break until I get some rewrite rules in place. I think I know how to make the rules but can’t test them until the site is up at the new host and the DNS changes have propagated.

No doubt, the site will go through some ups and downs as I debug it. I’m pretty sure old posts will show up in the RSS feeds, so let me apologize for that up front. My next post should be from the new host.