Tuning up an old script

Back in December I described an AppleScript that toggled either PandoraBoy or iTunes between play and pause. I used FastScripts to map it to the F13 key on my iMac at work, so I had just one button to press to stop the music when I had to take a call and restart it when the call was over.

Recently I’ve noticed a problem with the script when iTunes is the active music player. Whenever I attach my iPod or iPhone, the iTunes browser window shifts from the playlist I’m listening to and displays the summary information for the connected device. This shift happens even if iTunes is hidden, which it usually is. Now if I hit F13 to pause the music, the music stops; but when I hit F13 again, the music doesn’t restart because there are no songs in the iPod/iPhone summary view. To restart the music, I have to unhide iTunes, navigate to the playlist I was in, and click the Play button—which sort of defeats the purpose of having a single Play/Pause button.

I didn’t notice this problem when I first started using my script, because my habit then was to connect my iPod nano when I got to the office and not disconnect it until I left. Now I usually disconnect the nano sometime after it’s synced, and connect and disconnect the iPhone a couple of times during the day to make sure the phone’s calendar events and contacts list are up to date.

My solution was to add a couple of lines to the MultiPlayPause script. The lines are

set playingList to current playlist
set view of front window to playingList

and they are added in the two locations in the script where iTunes gets paused. The effect is to force the iTunes browser to show the playlist I’m listening to, even if I’ve connected my iPod/iPhone.

The full MultiPlayPause script now looks like this:

 1:  -- find out what's running
 2:  tell application "System Events"
 3:    set numBoy to count (every process whose name is "PandoraBoy")
 4:    set numTunes to count (every process whose name is "iTunes")
 5:  end tell
 7:  (*
 8:  This is the logic of the following:
 9:     * if whatever is playing, pause it
10:     * if both are running but neither are playing, start playing PandoraBoy
11:     * if only one is running, flip its play/pause state
12:     * if neither are running, do nothing
13:  *)
15:  if numBoy > 0 then
16:    if numTunes > 0 then -- both PandoraBoy and iTunes are running
17:      tell application "iTunes"
18:        if player state is playing then -- iTunes is playing
19:          set playingList to current playlist
20:          set view of front window to playingList
21:          pause
22:          tell application "PandoraBoy"
23:            if player state is playing then -- both PandoraBoy and iTunes are playing
24:              playpause
25:            end if
26:          end tell
27:        else -- iTunes is not playing
28:          tell application "PandoraBoy" to playpause
29:        end if
30:      end tell
31:    else -- PandoraBoy is running but iTunes is not
32:      tell application "PandoraBoy" to playpause
33:    end if
34:  else if numTunes > 0 then -- iTunes is running but PandoraBoy is not
35:    tell application "iTunes"
36:      set playingList to current playlist
37:      set view of front window to playingList
38:      playpause
39:    end tell
40:  end if

I’m pretty sure this script still has some holes, but it seems to be working well so far.