Sometime earlier today, US military deaths in Iraq hit the 4100 mark. See http://icasualties.org for details.

Dennis Byrne says in this morning’s Tribune that we’re thisclose to victory in Iraq, but something tells me that he’s not a trustworthy source. Something like this passage in the third paragraph:

[Barack Obama] would have to be as responsible as The Washington Post, which in a June 1 editorial noted: “Don’t look now, but the U.S.-backed [Iraqi] government and army may be winning the war.” The Post, ever critical of the policies of President Bush, could never be confused with drooling neocons.

Byrne is playing the old “liberal media” card, assuming that his readers won’t know that the Post editorial page has been a cheerleader for the war and has certainly not been “ever critical.”

It’s this sort of bullshit that bothers me the most. A fact-based argument can be made for staying in Iraq. It’s a poor argument, of course (and, in my opinion, an immoral one), but it could be made without resorting to lies. I suppose people like Byrne jump straight into the lies because they know they couldn’t sound persuasive without them.