OmniFocus and OmniOutliner Pro

My free test period for OmniFocus ran out today and I couldn’t open my GTD lists. This bothered me, which I took to be a sign that it’s a program I really use and should buy.

OmniFocus normally sells for $80, but if you’re a licensed owner of OmniOutliner Pro, you can buy OmniFocus for $60. I don’t own OO Pro, but I do have the regular version of OO that was bundled with my iMac. Since that can be upgraded to OO Pro for $30, doing the upgrade and then buying OmniFocus was just $10 more than getting OmniFocus alone. OK, OmniGroup, you win—I’ll get both.

And yes, I’ll get OmniFocus for the iPhone when it comes out. I’m turning into the OmniBitch.