OmniFocus bug fixes

The OmniFocus bug I described in this post on Monday, has been fixed. The “Sneaky Peek” version of OmniFocus 1.1 (necessary if you want to sync your tasks with your iPhone) no longer retains focus when you shift out of the Space it’s in. As mentioned in the updates at the bottom of that post, I got into an email correspondence with Ken Case, CEO of Omni and lead developer of OmniFocus, and he tracked down the problem and fixed it within a day or two.

I’m happy about the bug fix, of course, and I’m glad to see that Omni is searching the intertubes for feedback on their products. But…

A few days before writing the post, I had sent a bug report to Omni via OF’s Send Feedback… command in the Help menu. The feedback wasn’t sent from “Dr. Drang,” but from the name used on my OmniFocus license. It got an autoreply from Omni’s mail system, but still hasn’t gotten a response from a human.1

So Omni moved quickly to contact an anonymous and lightly-read blogger, but has yet to contact a licensed owner of its product who sent in a bug report via the channel Omni itself set up. There’s something wrong about that.


  1. Admittedly, my feedback report wasn’t as detailed as the blog post, but it included the essentials: OF was retaining focus when switching Spaces. The blog post was more detailed because I’d thought about the problem for a few days.