Yahoo! means business

If you’re a regular reader of Fake Steve Jobs’ blog, you know that Fake Jerry Yang’s defining characteristic is indecisiveness. Well, after several months—maybe years—of allowing me to keep my old My Yahoo! home page instead of switching to the New! Improved! My Yahoo!, Jerry and the boys in Sunnyvale have decided to bring the hammer down.

Yahoo’s been putting a banner on my My Yahoo! page for a long time, pleading with me to switch to the new layout. I never did because I prefer the old one. But today the pleading turned into a threat.

So I reluctantly packed my virtual bags and moved to the new place. It’s not as bad as it was several months ago, but it’s still not right. My major complaint is that the main font is smaller and the page is wider—an odd combination that means I can’t read the headlines comfortably and I have to scroll horizontally if I need to see the far right edge of the sidebar on my iBook. I’ve rearranged the content with the hope that very little of interest will be that far to the right. Increasing the font size is out; that makes the page wider and then I will have to scroll right to see what I want to see.

Maybe Yahoo! is forcing me to use a less functional site to get me ready for the Microsoft takeover.