Recent MobileMe syncing problems

Two problems I’ve seen since going back to test MobileMe again:

  1. Every time I click the Sync Now button in the MobileMe Preference Pane, System Preferences hangs and needs a Force Quit.
  2. A change I made to an Address Book entry two days ago—and which appears correctly in the MobileMe Contacts webapp—still has not propagated to my iPhone. When I open Contacts on the iPhone, the little sync gear thingy spins and spins and spins, but the entry for my daughter still has her old address.

It’s nice that Apple has given me, a trial user, an extra couple of free months to test MobileMe. I opened the trial account in mid-July and the MobileMe Preference Pane (before it hangs) says I now have 108 days left to evaluate it. That’ll take me into November, by which time I hope my iPhone Contacts will be in sync.