Trip card on the iPhone

I’ve written before about making and using a trip card, a single index card with all the flight, hotel, car rental, and meeting location info summarized in one spot. At first, I was entering the information in a plain text file, then calling a Perl program to format and print out the card. More recently, I began using OmniOutliner for both the entering and formatting. I also wrote a short Python script for rearranging flight schedules from Southwest’s web site to fit into my OmniOutliner template.

The iPhone has made me rethink using index cards. With Files, a WebDAV server that runs on the iPhone, I can transfer files from my computer to the iPhone and, if they’re in a format the iPhone understands, view them on the phone. PDF is one of the favored formats, so now I “print” the trip card as a PDF and drag it to the phone.

To make the trip card immediately readable on the phone without zooming, I’ve increased the font sizes and reduced the margins from my earlier trip card template. Here’s what it looks like

and here’s where you can download a zipped version of the OmniOutliner template.

The Python script for reformatting Southwest flight schedules still works with this template.