I was wrong…

…the Chicago Tribune has endorsed Barack Obama. Late last month, I pooh-poohed the idea that the Trib would break with history and endorse a Democrat. Even if the Democrat is local guy. Even if the Democrat is not especially liberal1.

But I was wrong. The Republican Party has screwed things up so badly that one of its most reliable allies, a paper that’s never endorsed a Democrat for president in its 160 year history, has thrown up its hands and agreed that the country would be better served by a Democrat in the White House.

In other news, Satan just ordered a Penobscot Parka from L.L. Bean. And Colonel McCormick is doing 4000 rpm under the exedra at Cantigny.


  1. You don’t really believe that bullshit about Obama being the most liberal senator, do you? How can he be the most liberal senator when he ran to the right of Senator Clinton? The GOP trots out some variant of this claim every four years; it means nothing.