Lucky failure

I’ve complained before about how iPhone app updates always fail on the first sync. This morning I was happy that they did.

I’d downloaded into iTunes five or six updates that had come through over the weekend. After I put the iPhone in its cradle, I remembered that I’d made a few recordings with QuickVoice yesterday and needed to transfer them to my Mac. The transfer is done through a program on the Mac that you run after syncing the iPhone. Usually this would be no problem, but

  1. QuickVoice was one of the apps with an update.
  2. Updates wipe out not just the app itself, but also all the data the app creates.

So if the update worked the way it was supposed to, my recordings would be lost. I waited through the sync, thinking about how I could recreate the recordings. I was never so happy to see the iTunes error message telling me that the updates failed. I ran QuickVoice Sync on my Mac to pull off the recordings, then went through the usual rigamarole to get iTunes to actually update the apps. Apple’s incompetence saved me from my own.

In the future, I will try very very very hard to remember to download recordings from the iPhone before downloading app updates. I can’t rely on this iTunes bug forever.