Tweets for November 05, 2008

8:53 am
First time in my 28 years of voting for President that a majority of Americans have agreed with me. About time.

11:40 am
Thinking about listening to Rush Limbaugh today for a big schadenfreude lunch.

2:53 pm
I’ve been listening to my neighbor’s fucking leaf blower for an hour now. His yard isn’t that big—it could have been raked in less time.

2:55 pm
Jesus! I just looked out the window, and he isn’t even half done yet.

3:54 pm
Neighbor has just stopped using the leaf blower, ~2 hours after starting. Probably warming up for snowblower season.

9:46 pm
This “congratulatory” (dick fingers) editorial in the WSJ is remarkable in that nearly every paragraph contains a lie.

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