Tweets for November 17, 2008

8:13 am
PCalc 1.2 is now in the App Store. Updates have come faster than I’ve been able to write a review. 2-line display is the big new feature.

12:43 pm
Calvin Trillin is the best food writer in the world.

6:18 pm
In a school gym as younger son has archery, reading DFW’s history of infinity (no infinity glyph on the iPhone). 5 years ago I was here…

6:21 pm
with older son, reading the Emacs Lisp tutorial. I remember suddenly understanding the (function arg arg …) syntax in this gym.

6:38 pm
Apparently, archery class attracts kids who need to be told to shut up. Often.

9:21 pm
Griffin’s iTalk has become my iPhone recording app of choice, beating out QuickVoice (which is still a good app).

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