My apologies to GeekTool

A week ago, I said GeekTool would eat up memory if allowed to run my iTunes Album Art scripts for a long time. I wrote a little script to monitor GeekTool’s memory use and display it on the Desktop so I’d know when GeekTool needed a restart.

Over the course of the week, I’ve seen the memory value go up and down. Today it’s down.

12.47 MB isn’t much more than GeekTool was using when I first launched it. Apparently, whenever I’d seen GeekTool’s memory use up around 100 MB in the past, it was a temporary thing—possibly caused by an extra-large piece of album cover artwork. Left on its own, GeekTool seems to adjust it memory use back down as time goes on.

So I apologize to the nice people (person?) at Tynsoe for implying that their program would gradually chew its way through all the free RAM on your system. On the contrary, it seems to be quite well-mannered.

Update (5/11/09)
This apology was premature. After several months of running the memory monitor it’s clear that GeekTool’s memory use really does keep increasing the longer the Album Art script runs.