Tweets for December 24, 2008

12:19 am
Snowplows just came by for the first time today, piling snow at the end of our driveway and blocking our garbage can from tomorrow’s pickup.

10:03 am
Snowflakes the size of mutant butterflies are falling in Naperville.

2:10 pm
While we were out, the dog dug through the presents and unwrapped a box of Milk Bones. 14 years old and she still has the nose!

3:59 pm
Apparently no women weighed in on the Wayne v. Stark Twitter debate of last night. Who’d’ve guessed?

4:01 pm
Back when I read comics, it was never clear to me where Bruce Wayne’s money came from. He was the Bertie Wooster of superheroes.

8:02 pm
Off to look at houses with huge Christmas light displays.

11:47 pm
And to all a good night.

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