Tweets for December 27, 2008

12:50 pm
iTunes at work sharing thru an ssh tunnel to my iBook at home, broadcasting to speakers thru an AirPort Express and run by my iPhone…FTW!

2:15 pm
It is inconceivable to me that I don’t have a little tub of Spackle in the house. I haven’t been Spackle-less in 20 years.

6:55 pm
There’s something terribly wrong when a 19 year old calls her dad fir help with her iPod.

10:00 pm
I want an iPhone app that silences the ringer for a specified period of time. I’m always forgetting to turn the ringer back on.

10:04 pm
Dear Parkay: an essential requirement for a spray dispenser is that it actually sprays. Don’t you do any product testing at all?

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