Tweets for January 11, 2009

10:56 am
If Baltimore & NY get to the Super Bowl, there will be unending talk of The Greatest Game. Frank Gifford will be taken out of mothballs.

1:16 pm
Going cross-country skiing for the first time.

3:47 pm
Cross-country skiing was great fun. Now for the ibuprofen.

9:30 pm
Should you trust Mac tips from a site that doesn’t know the difference between the Control and Command keys?

9:57 pm
No doubt, there’s some Munchausen by proxy syndrome from some nut allergy parents. But Joel Stein is an asshole.

10:00 pm
Next time my son has a peanut allergy attack, I’ll just tell him it’s all in my head.

10:20 pm
It’s true that increased wealth in a society creates greater concern for health and safety. Why does Joel Stein think that’s a bad thing?

10:22 pm
…Oh, that’s right. Because he’s an asshole.

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