Tweets for January 20, 2009

10:10 am
Furthering the Cheney/Strangelove parallel established by @gruber and @Ihnatko, Cheney has spent much of the past 7 years underground.

10:12 am
Walter and Joan Mondale still look good.

10:14 am
The elder George Bush is kind of tottering today. Has he been injured recently?

10:16 am
Is there another topic on Twitter right now?

10:19 am
Just heard GHWB has a hip problem. Hence the totter and the cane.

10:21 am
No Nancy Reagan?

10:27 am
Aretha Franklin has slimmed down since I saw her last.

10:39 am
No, Brian Williams, I don’t want to think about what’s gone on over the last 8 years.

12:09 pm
I think Roberts has lost the swearing-in gig for 2013. President “to” the United States?

9:38 pm
Just updated my fork of Twoot to handle @mikemorrow’s new huge icon. Twitter wasn’t scaling it down for me.

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