Tweets for February 21, 2009

10:33 am
My 3rd-grade basketball team was back on track this morning, with lots of hustle and an impressive win over a taller team.

3:28 pm
My iMac is patiently downloading all 32 of Gilbert Strang’s Computational Science (MIT 18.085) lectures from the ITS. I am going home.

3:30 pm
Why does Strang look so young? His finite element book (w/ Fix) was written 35 years ago.

5:00 pm
$43.50 for a family of 4 to see Coraline is tough to swallow, especially when I know the 3D effects won’t work for me.

5:03 pm
EDGE is more reliable than the wifi at this Panera. Waiting for wife & boys to show up so we can eat here before the movie.

8:56 pm
Loved Coraline despite the reflections off the insides of the 3D glasses and the fact that many of the effects were blurry to me. DVD rental

9:18 pm
Is there a way to prevent icons from being in certain areas of the Mac Desktop? Why not?

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