Tweets for February 25, 2009

9:50 am
In a way, the titlebar is the natural place for tabs. It’s where the doc title goes, and when there’s more than one doc/window …

9:52 am
… it makes sense for there to be more than one title in the titlebar. But the ever-changing tab width is a usability problem …

9:55 am
… and the small font Apple chose is an aesthetic problem. The aesthetic problem is easily solved; don’t know how to solve the usability one.

11:24 am
RT @mikemorrow: RIP Philip Jose Farmer «I loved the Riverworld series.»

1:11 pm
Every news story about a man in gov’t should start with a critique of his clothing and hair styles (

9:48 pm
Do people really think the Kindle is greener than paper books?

10:47 pm
Hey, the new TextExpander lets you have shell (bash, perl, python, ruby) script snippets.

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