Tweets for March 17, 2009

8:19 am
Haven’t checked in w/ United in a while: No, I don’t want to upgrade. No, I don’t want to upgrade. Fuck no, I don’t want to upgrade!

8:35 am
First time my belt has set off the metal detector at O’Hare. It’s not like I’m wearing some giant cowboy buckle.

8:39 am
I’m looking forward to iPhone copy/paste, but being able to select & delete big chunks of text from email replies may be just as useful.

9:39 am
I never know whether to be reassured or scared when I see the pilot doing a walkaround and looking up at the wings.

1:35 pm
No MMS for original iPhone? What could be the reason for that? My old phones didn’t need 3G to send photos.

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