Tweets for March 25, 2009

12:24 pm
You can’t be twenty on Sugar Mountain/Though you’re thinking that you’re leaving there too soon.

2:00 pm
OmniGraphSketcher ( looks nice. I’m especially impressed with the area fills, which can be very hard to do cleanly.

2:39 pm
Quick impression: @OmniGS looks great for concept graphs (like in a textbook); greatness decreases with # of data points.

2:43 pm
But the area fill in @OmniGS really is spectacular.

7:50 pm
Wife is running through all our 80s songs on iTunes, 10-15 seconds apiece. It’s like listening to a bad Time-Life commercial.

8:35 pm
Enterprise, collaboration, scalable, value-added, platform. Tell me this comment is satire:

10:08 pm
In which I write another little script in the Worst Language Evar™ to save myself some time in dealing with iCal:

10:18 pm
Will I lose my anti-AppleScript prejudice if I read Soghoian & Cheeseman? It sits on my dresser, begging for harmony and understanding.

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