Tweets for May 04, 2009

9:35 am
First ride to work in a week went pretty well. No significant pain and no “incidents” with cars. Pretty slow, though, esp. with a tail wind.

10:06 am
Not a Daily Deal, but 5 Beethoven Sonatas by Walter Gieseking for $2.90 at Amazon:

1:19 pm
Is this right? SMS & tweet limits based on postcards and some German guy tapping out sentences on his typewriter?

1:44 pm
Email from son’s jr high school touts its new and improved website. Of course, the link to the new site fails.

8:32 pm
The 3rd-grader is doing the owl pellet unit in science. His pellet had 3 jawbones, which seemed appropriate for the blabbiest of our kids.

9:06 pm
Didn’t realize ‘til just now that it’s the 39th anniversary of Kent State.

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