Tweets for May 13, 2009

9:33 am
Ringo really isn’t too busy to sign autographs. He just wanted some attention. #beatlesfacts (Wait, that one’s probably true.)

9:45 am
Ringo wrote many well-known songs under the pen name “Bob Dylan.” #beatlesfacts

9:50 am
George’s mother invented Liquid Paper. #beatlesfacts

9:52 am
Pete Best died in ’Nam. #beatlesfacts

9:55 am
John Lennon played the Eddie Haskell character on “Leave it to Beaver.” #beatlesfacts

10:02 am
Paul had his blood changed in Switzerland so he could go on the “Back to the Egg” tour. #beatlesfacts

10:20 am
Paul, in fact, does care too much for money. #beatlesfacts

10:32 am
During a police raid at Keith Richard’s Redlands mansion, Ringo was found wearing only a bedspread and a Mars bar. #beatlesfacts

10:40 am
The Beatles opened for the Monkees on their ‘67 American tour. #beatlesfacts

10:52 am
Ringo is in cryogenic storage under Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride. #beatlesfacts

11:05 am
George once went on a blind date with William Bennett. #beatlesfacts

11:14 am
Having exhausted my supply of ’60s pop rumor/trivia, I will now exit #beatlesfacts. You’re welcome.

3:16 pm
I’d feel more confident in the quality of my kids’ education if the school district’s notices were proofread before being sent out.

3:26 pm
Even ignoring the clumsy sentence construction, the last notice from our Jr. High had 5 errors in a 7-line paragraph.

6:59 pm
#fixreplies should be #fixenglish:

7:03 pm
Using Capo to transcribe voice notes:

7:19 pm
Thought this #mcfly trend was about Back to the Future. #jesusamiold

7:24 pm
Republicans are down to their last brain cell: #tcot

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