Tweets for June 14, 2009

7:52 am
Allan Odgaard breaks his silence on TextMate 2:

9:41 pm
Tell me Phil isn’t the best coach ever.

9:49 pm
Phil’s hat has an X!

9:57 pm
Naming the Finals MVP Award after Bill Russell is long overdue.

10:28 pm
I think this is the 1st Laker championship without a dominant big man: Mikan, Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, and … Gasol?

10:30 pm
I know this is small of me, but seeing Patrick Ewing on the losing side again made me warm all over.

10:37 pm
Many tweets about how Bill Russell must hate giving his MVP award to a Laker. The Lakers were just a minor annoyance to the Russell Celtics.

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