New Rolla notebooks

I stopped at a Staples this morning to pick up some supplies for work. As I always do, I went to the notebooks aisle to see if it had any Rolla notebooks. A couple of years ago, Staples carried Rolla products, and I picked up a few junior-sized notebooks for very little money. The Rolla products disappeared from Staples shortly thereafter, and I despaired of ever seeing them again. The functionally identical Circa products from Levenger are tempting, but my inner skinflint won’t let me spend $50—100 for a simple notebook.

I’m happy to say that Rolla is back at Staples. At $6 for the junior notebook and $12 for the full-sized, they’re priced at a level my conscience can deal with. And my left brain loves the fact that the notebook that’s twice the size costs twice as much.