Tweets for July 18, 2009

8:53 am
Dropped college girl off at O’Hare. Breakfasts via coupons from last week’s McDonald’s LATE ride.

8:58 am
Would like to take the boys to see @sp4449 as it passes through Naperville this afternoon/evening, but a swim meet may interfere.

3:01 pm
At Naperville Classic swim meet. 9yo boy will be swimming 50 freestyle soon.

3:55 pm
2-second time drop in the freestyle. Now the long wait for breaststroke.

7:41 pm
3.5 second time drop in breaststroke, literally FTW. A great swim meet for the 9-year-old.

8:02 pm
The earlier-than-expected appearance of PCalc 1.7 in the App Store means I’m behind on a post that I thought I was ahead on.

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