Tweets for July 27, 2009

7:13 am
I juat got carded by the App Store. Instapaper may contain objectionable content? Yes, if I put it there.

3:02 pm
Is GitHub slow for everyone, or is it just me?

3:21 pm
Never mind, just started following @github.

4:16 pm
Glad to see @github speedy again, but things I just pushed to it aren’t showing up on the web view of the repository.

4:27 pm
RT @github: Job queue is still catching up, your commits were not lost. [Mine just caught up.]

5:12 pm
Tonight’s question: Will I remember to stop at Costco on the way home, or will I serenely pedal past, realizing my mistake 2 miles later?

7:31 pm
Answer to tonight’s question: I remembered to stop at Costco! Probably because I tweeted about it first. A new mnemonic tool.

8:12 pm
About 1/4 thru the Pragmatic Programmers’ Practical Programming. Well written, with interesting (not cutesy) examples.

9:40 pm
Blogs with Next and Previous page buttons always screw me up.

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