Clark's Tech Blog

I learned about Clark’s Tech Blog when its proprietor, Clark Goble, commented on this post of mine, letting me know that one of the downsides of Python 3 is that it can’t be used for PyObjC development. I read through several of Clark’s posts and decided to subscribe. He seems like a better version of me, in that

How is he better than me? Well, just look at his scripts. Clark writes Python the way it’s supposed to be written: well structured, with an

if __name__ == '__main__':

stanza at the end that allows the code to be used as a module as well as an executable script. My code isn’t nearly as clean.

Another example is in his series of posts on cleaning his iTunes library. I talked about fixing the capitalization of the track titles in my library; he went ahead and wrote a script to do it—a script I will be stealing, by the way.

One thing I won’t be stealing are his recent tips on jailbreaking an iPhone. Reminds me too much of the effort I went through to get a smoothly running Linux desktop system in the mid-90s. An effort that I don’t regret but don’t want to relive.