Tweets for August 19, 2009

2:47 pm
Having enjoyed the Civil War course, now downloading Open Yale’s Ancient Greek History from iTunes U. (iTunes link)

8:23 pm
In AT&T hell regarding wife’s new cell phone.

8:45 pm
Oh, I have to pretend I’m checking on the status of an order to get to Customer Service. That makes perfect sense.

8:49 pm
AT&T had no record of the activation I went through an hour ago, which explains why the phone didn’t work. Customer Service fixed it.

8:52 pm
Activation changed all the numbers stored on the phone to *669. A restart changed them all back. I love random electronics.

11:08 pm
This txtGTD thing ( is like my old LGTD TextMate bundle (, which I’ve lately been improving.

11:10 pm
I put the LGTD bundle up on GitHub a week or two ago:

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