BBC Radio 2 recording scripts update

I’ve made some changes to the scripts I use to automatically record streamed BBC Radio 2 shows. The changes are mostly internal, refactoring certain functions and making things a bit more robust. Since the changes affect not just the Python scripts and library that I edited, but also the several AppleScripts that rely on them (and which are called by Audio Hijack Pro as it records), I decided to gather everything together in one directory, put it under version control, and share it via GitHub.1

In addition to the recording scripts themselves, the repository also includes a rudimentary installer script. It’s just a bunch of cp commands to put the scripts where I have them on my system. It’s very helpful to me, because now, when further updates are needed, I can work exclusively on the files in the repository and install all the new files with a single command. Anyone else interested in using the scripts have to either mimic my directory setup—some of which is dictated by Audio Hijack Pro—or change the installer script to match their setup.

The logic behind the scripts has not changed from when I first wrote them, and virtually everything I said in the original post on the topic still holds. The only differences are that the scripts should work a little better and have been bundled together into one package.


  1. I should mention that you don’t have to use Git to download repositories from GitHub. GitHub has a link that lets you download regular zip or tar archives.