Simplenote cursor problem fixed

Today I installed the latest version of Simplenote, the autosyncing, web-enabled, Helvetica-using note-taking application for the iPhone. The previous two versions of Simplenote had what I considered a terrible flaw: when typing in landscape mode, the text wouldn’t scroll enough to keep the cursor from hiding itself under the onscreen virtual keyboard. I complained about this problem, first here and then here. This is an example of what would happen:

With Simplenote version 2.12 this problem is fixed, and the program is finally—within its niche—just about perfect: it looks good, it works well, and it automatically syncs its data to the cloud, where you can retrieve it from any computer.

And with the new API, some tools for syncing from the cloud to your computer are starting to appear. The most recent is from Fletcher Penney, of MultiMarkdown fame. His syncing utility is close to what I want, but is both

  1. too restrictive, in that it syncs to only one folder on your computer; and
  2. too inclusive, in that it syncs every Simplenote note to that folder.

I’ll probably need to roll my own to get exactly what I want.