Tweets for September 16, 2009

9:53 am
Bootable backup tested. ✔
No client work due for a few days. ✔
Time to upgrade to Snow Leopard.

11:38 am
Installing QT 7. Looks like Update is downloading 10.6.1.

11:57 am
About half my GeekTool stuff isn’t working in Snow Leopard, probably because of updates to Perl and Python.

12:23 pm
GeekTool scripts are working again. Copied the Python site-packages to 2.6 (dicey, but is seemed to work) and made a small AppleScript edit.

1:30 pm
Locked out of some things because I can’t upgrade 1Password. Agile’s website is slow to dead.

7:05 pm
One hour and two levels of ATT tech support later, my wife’s phone can make and receive calls again. Diagnosis: “Probably a glitch.”

8:21 pm
I’m sure I’ve seen something stupider than that iTwinge keyboard ( but I can’t put my finger on it

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